I can TALK to you for HOURS.

On our first date, the connection between us was instantaneous. We sat across from each other in a cozy coffee shop, our eyes locked, and a warm smile spread across my face. From the moment we started talking, it was as if time stood still. We delved into a multitude of topics, effortlessly flowing from one subject to another. The words poured out effortlessly, and laughter echoed through the air. The chemistry between us was undeniable, and our conversation sparked a deep intellectual and emotional connection. As the hours passed, we realized that we had discovered something truly special: a connection that allowed us to be our authentic selves and explore a vast ocean of shared interests, dreams, and experiences. At that moment, we both knew we had found something rare and extraordinary—an ability to talk for hours, losing ourselves in each other's words and presence.

This is how I want you to describe your first date!  If your first dates are not like this, what can you do? You must have pre-date conversations before you get dressed up, before you spend your hard earned money, before you pay for a babysitter, before you invest yourself. This is how a date goes when two people have deep conversations first. 

How many first dates have you been on and stated "I can talk to you for hours"? There is a song by Muni Long in which she sings that she could talk [to her lover] for hours...And hours and hours
I really could babe, It never gets old. I never get tired. 

 "40 Questions Before A First Date" has changed the dating scene.  Rhonda Green is a passionate writer and the author of the bestselling book "40 Questions Before A First Date." Rhonda aims to guide individuals through the exciting yet often nerve-wracking world of dating. Her insightful advice and thought-provoking questions have helped countless people navigate the complexities of modern romance.

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"A game-changer for anyone tired of small talk. These questions opened up new avenues of conversation and helped me connect on a deeper level!"   -  Lisa 

"Rhonda's wisdom is priceless and the questions made my dates more meaningful." - James