Rhonda Green is an author, entrepreneur and mentor. She developed an online course that shows survivors of domestic violence how to get their lives back on track.

She shares her journey in order to chart the path for other survivors of abuse who are stuck in past pain. After overcoming two abusive relationships she saw the pattern that kept her from living. Rhonda teaches there is a cycle to breaking free and staying free. Rhonda is the author of “Seven Ways to Free Your Mind After Abuse”, “Forty Questions Before A First Date”, "Reclaim", "S.A.I.L" and “How Much Is Your Dirt Worth?”

There are numerous services to help someone leave an abusive relationship. Few services are offering ongoing guidance months or years down the road. It takes time to recover. It takes time to regain confidence, control, and balance in life. Who is helping these women? My online mentorship provides one-on-ones, group sessions, videos on time management, budgeting, starting a business, responding to self-doubt or negative self-talk, meditation, exercise, personal development, and more. 


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One in four women have had their lives disrupted by domestic violence. It's time to get your life back on track.

"Use the darkness of your past to propel you to a brighter future.” 

 Donata Joseph 

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    How to Let Go

    How to Live Without Fear

    How to Trust Yourself Again

    Communication Strategies

    How to Rebuild Financially

    How to Forgive

    Career and Business Skills

    How to Make Wiser Decisions

    How to Parent While Healing

  Health After Living in High Alert

    How to Rediscover Your True Self

    How to Get Unstuck

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