Does it feel like the aftermath of abuse is still weighing you down? I know the feeling because that was me. I wrote an entire eBook to help you. You can download it on the home page. But you still need more.

A guide for survivors:

I teach how I got past the lingering thoughts after abuse. It can be hard to be alone. You miss your abuser, but you left for a good reason! Instead of reminiscing, let's work on you. Together we can choose a better life, not a familiar past. 

Get one on one coaching from a survivor:

I know trusting anyone, including yourself, is challenging. You cannot continue to carry the burden of abuse. If you do not know how to get unstuck or how to live a happy, productive life - my online course is for you. Contact me if you have questions or go to the product page to complete your purchase. 


If you would like to sponsor a survivor's participation in the six-week course, please use the contact form. 


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